Augmented reality city game


a world-changing augmented reality game concept



Imagine you can change the world you see through your window. You can relocate your flat by pointing at another building on the map in front of you. Rotate the world around you with a space navigator. Redesign all city facilities around you. Play in solitude in sandbox mode or with friends in an architecture battle. Choose a city district of the world: rebuild Manhattan, Venice Central, Zurich West - it is up to you. Buy the map of your choice, now.

- the game “Window to another World” is available in June 2030 for HoloLens 4 & Magic Leap 3

Architecture map
Game overview of version Zurich West
Start the game with a simple hand gesture and see how the buildings grow
3D architecture map
Game is ready
Relocate your flat by simply pointing at a building of your choice
Twist the world navigator to rotate the world around you...
... and look at the world rotating around you
Redesign building by building - enjoy the game
Visual of z-depth analysis
The computer analyses the depth of your room and locates where the window is.
Image compositing base for the augmented world
And then the 3D world data will be composited over the black area.