Open-source 3d-printed turntable design


the open-source turntable

This turntable is an educational experience.

All parts are easily accessible in DIY stores or can be printed with low-cost 3D printers. The tonearms single-point hanging consists of a nail. Even the counter-weight of the tonearm is realized with washers. The cross beams are aluminum u-profiles, which can be trimmed effortlessly with a saw. The cables are wired within the u profiles, easily accessible from below. The code for the microcontroller can either be downloaded via GitHub or you can learn how to program using the online manual.

- featured in “NZZ am Sonntag Stil” (edition 03.03.2019)

Student bored in school
Instead of being discouraged by too much theory in Physics...
3D printing woman
...students could be inspired by practical experience.
Counter-weight of turntable
Adjusting a real counter-weight instead of only calculating them.
Electronics and mechanics of turntable
Learning how to set up simple electronics & mechanics.
Open-source turntable
Building their first product.
Inspired by the minimalist aesthetics of wireframes and IKEA products...
Open-source turntable connexion
...a reduced and approachable product was designed.